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October 29, 2012 by panicpony

Way to go twitter! Suspending someone for calling out racism …..classy…….


Last night I received my first Twitter suspension. I also had some friends on Facebook give me flak regarding the tone of my responses that led to the suspension.

All of my replies were in response to Tweets that came up when I searched “Native American Costume” in Twitter… and was appalled.

The reason I commented enough to get reported and suspended is that dressing up as a Native American or First Nations person for Halloween is inherently racist.  It perpetuates stereotypes. It also trivializes and homogenizes various, cultures, tribes and the injustices they have suffered.

It is also socially acceptable.

Our society accepts racism against Native Americans and the approval of Native American costumes compared with the instant condemnation of other ethnic costumes is evidence of this much larger issue.

But what do I mean by this?

Dressing up as Latino stereotypes for a school rally day?

The Wider Society Says:

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