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December 12, 2013 by panicpony

In the spirit of getting excited about the holidays, lets dive into some consumerism! I would like to say right off the bat that I don’t think I’ve earned the title “revolutionary”, but I liked the way it sounded so I’m going to give it to myself as a holiday gift just for this post. And, I thought it would be fun to share some of my revolutionary gift ideas since I know a lot of folks who might want to spend their dollars on gifts with a little more impact as opposed to something frivolous. (No offense to frivolous gifts. They can be amazing and expressions of love and something we deserve both to give and receive. Scroll on down to the second half of this post for my own completely indulgent wish list!)

Without further ado!

Clockwise from top left:
4000 Years of Choice Cooperative Jane Collective Poster: I am not sure how many things I have from 4000 Years of Choice. A lot. Probably a dozen postcards and one large poster scattered throughout the walls of my house. Heather Ault is the artist behind this glorious website, which features empowering, heartening quotes about reproductive justice laid out over Ault’s designs, and posters commemorating ancient forms of birth control and abortion, as well as historical figures within the movement, demonstrating thousands of years of people exercising reproductive freedom.
Books! It wouldn’t be a Craven family Christmas without lots and lots of books as gifts. I have been excited to read Crow After Roe, written by one of my favorite authors at RH Reality Check, Robin Marty, and Jessica Mason Pieklo. From the website: “The book will detail not just the history of the laws in question, but how they challenge Roe v. Wade and create a reproductive health care system that puts women—especially poor, rural, or those of color—into a separate class with fewer choices or control.”
I also have I Am Troy Davis on my list. I remember sitting in front of my computer weeping as I watched Amy Goodman report live from Georgia the night Davis was executed for a crime he most likely did not commit. Davis’s sister co-authored the book, and I think her and her brother’s story can provide a vital window into our injustice system. You can get it at Haymarket Books, which is a great resource in general. AND right now you can get a huge discount, 40% of ALL their titles! Just enter the code HOLIDAY40 at checkout.
Adventures in Feministory Mug: Madam C.J. Walker: I LOVE this mug collection from Bitch Magazine. (And hey, while you’re at it, get yourself or a friend a subscription to the mag!) I already have the Ella Baker mug and totally want this one too. In case you were wondering, Madam C.J. Walker was the FIRST American woman to be a self-made millionaire, starting a hair care company that catered to African American women around 1908.
Slingshot Organizer 2014: I get myself one of these every year. There is a ton of room for each day, a menstrual tracking calendar, and it’s full of important events in the people’s history that you won’t find in any other calendar. Locally you can get it at University Bookstore, or you can buy it online.
And, because you’ll need a calendar to hang on your wall, too, I present Certain Days: the 2014 Freedom For Political Prisoners Calendar. I couldn’t say it better than they do on the website: “The calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal and Toronto, and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. The initial project was suggested by Herman, and has been shaped throughout the process by all of our ideas, discussions, and analysis. All of the members of the outside collective are involved in day-to-day organizing work other than the calendar, on issues ranging from refugee and immigrant solidarity to community media to prisoner justice. We work from an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer and trans positive position.”

And, as I said before, lest you think I’m not into “frivolous” gifts, here’s my less than revolutionary wishlist. (Although I would, and do, argue that getting all dolled up in your favorite makeup and duds can be a revolutionary act.)

Other wishlist

Clockwise from top left:
It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Brush Collection: A good set of brushes can completely change the way your makeup goes on. I lurrrrrrrrvvvvv makeup. It’s just so much fun. There’s not a whole lot I splurge on, but decent makeup and hair products are something I will shell out for. I have heard nothing but good things about this brand of brushes and am pretty impressed by what I’ve seen from watching makeup artists use them. And this set is quite a bit cheaper than brushes available at places like Sephora or MAC, but with comparable quality!
Maskcara IIID Sculpting Makeup: Did I say I love makeup? Well I do. I’ve been stalking Cara Brook’s blog for awhile now. She’s such a sweet gal and her tutorials have totally changed the way I do my makeup. And now she’s come out with her own product and I’m in love with it. She’s created a two tone highlighting and contouring foundation. HAC is about shadowing your face in certain areas to sculpt it–for example, creating a shadow under your cheekbone to make it pop out–and then highlighting other parts of your face with a lighter concealer. It’s way less intensive than it sounds and super fun. You can change the size of your facial features in all kindsa ways depending on how you want to look. Her product is very light and natural and allows you to do a lot with a very little amount of makeup. She also makes a lovely cream blush that doubles as a lip gloss, and illuminator to add a little glow. It’s department store quality at far below the price.
Lorac Pro Palette: If I had this eyeshadow palette I would never want any other eyeshadow again. Just kidding, because I love collecting makeup, but seriously. I love every shade here.
Art Deco Statement Necklace: When I buy jewelry I usually only get vintage or handmade, because it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll have something nobody else will. As somebody who knows the names of more black and white film stars than I do contemporary ones, I love art deco. This is a gorgeous piece and is also huge, which is something else I look for in my jewels.
Dolce Vita Beryl Black Suede Wedge Booties: I am bad at heels, but great at wedges. These are certainly more than I’m willing to spend money on right now, but I love to look. Such a lovely balance between casual and classy fancy.
Target Midi Column Dress: A perfect little black dress to dress up or dress down.
Vintage Tall Black Boots: I like my boots the way I like my jewelry–vintage and unique. Tall riding style boots are in this season but I don’t like the clunky style a lot of them have and I don’t like buying things that will just fade back out again with the season. With vintage boots and shoes you often get really good quality and a classic look that helps you HAVE style, not just be IN style. These are the perfect compromise between this season’s whims and the constant of vintage style. Don’t go buy these. There’s only one pair and I’m squirreling my quarters away.
Art Deco Bronzed and Antiqued Earrings: Another unique handmade vintage-y piece of jewelry. Do I need to explain why I love these?

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning more than you ever wanted to about my materialistic desires. Maybe something on my wishlist was just the kind of thing you’re looking for to finish off your gift shopping. And if you’re wondering why there’s nothing about unicorns on this list, it’s because you can’t just shop for unicorns. You have to magically stumble upon them. Like my sister did with this amazing creature, then watched me scream “OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod!!!!” as I opened it a few Christmases ago: uneecorn

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